A Different Poolman Story

The Myth

If you have ever watched an old romance movie about rich folks, there is one character that always comes along at some time. He is the handsome pool service guy. Sometimes he is the one person who understands our heroine; sometimes his good looks hide his evil heart. The myth that surrounds the suspicious idea of the person who takes care of your swimming pool has been around for a long time now. But here in Arizona, where swimming pools are almost a necessity, our local Phoenix pool service person is anything but the character in these stories.

A change of gender

For one thing, our pool service person is Maria and she is sweet but not exactly Hollywood material. We love her because she not only cares for our pool; she also takes care of our little pond that holds my son’s pet koi. I know that she doesn't need to do this, but she has taken care of our backyard pool and pond for over a decade now and she does it out of love.

Small but sturdy

While Maria is not tall, she is incredibly strong. You need to be in her line of work as the chemicals that keep our pool clean come in big heavy containers. She is also really knowledgeable about water chemistry and in particular how our dry desert air affects our pool. When I think back to those Hollywood images of golden boy pool men and then look at our quiet determined Maria, I have to laugh. I would not trade our phoenix pool service gal in for a dozen of those golden Lotharios.

While it may seem almost counterproductive to indulge in a swimming pool when you live in a desert, they can be a real sanity saver in the summer months. Phoenix gets not only hot but dusty and a jump in the pool can clear your head and refresh your thinking.

Our Pool Service Person

I suppose we would have been fine with another phoenix pool service person, but I am sure glad we have Maria to take care of our pool for us. While she may not be Hollywood's idea of the perfect pool service person, she is ours!